Who I am?

I am a full-time employee with several years of experience in investing (stocks, bonds, mutual funds). I spent some time with programming algorithmic trading systems and analyzing existing ones. I also have experience in trading futures and forex. 

Last year (2015) I decided to focus on futures spreads. Main reasons why:

  • low time needed for preparation and execution of trades
  • low margin requirements for spreads recognized by exchange
  • lower risk compared with outright futures
  • historical seasonal behavior

In January 2016 I started live trading with 10 000 USD account. The results are here.

Time is important for me. Profit as well. I don’t want to spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer. I am holding positions for a period of days or weeks and it takes me several minutes daily to check the markets or positions and few hours per month to prepare the trades. Sure, there were many hours of self studying, learning from mentor, searching and testing strategy in order to find the style that matches my:

  • personality
  • risk tolerance
  • time availability.

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