Wheat Spread with Profit of 225 USD

Sell ZWU16 – ZWZ16: short September 2016 Wheat and long December 2016 Wheat

March 16: sold 2 ct based on the breaking the resistance. The seasonality just started. Risk per trade 1,5 %. SL and PT set in accordance with support and resistance levels.

April 15: price hit the PT with profit of 225 USD.

Note: I was considering between two spreads to trade ZWU – ZWZ and ZWN – ZWZ. Although ZWN – ZWZ had better statistics I choosed ZWU – ZWZ because contract months Sep – Dec are closer than Jul – Dec and spread is less volatile.

(click on image to enlarge)futures spread zwu16 zwz16 wheat trade with profit


Profit/Loss Side Cont. Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Comm.
225,00 $ Sell 2 2016-Mar-16 -14.5 2016-Apr-15 -16.75 22.48

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