commodity futures spread watchlist august 2016 zmv16 zmf17 zlh17 zlz16 gox16 goh17 gfu16 gfv16

Commodity Spreads Watchlist: August 2016

Date of analysis: July 31, 2016
Last month was testing my patience, because I did not do any trades in July. The entry dates of all July spreads are at the end of month and there were no clear price action signal to enter. So all of them remain in August watchlist. I am adding one new Feeder Cattle spread for August.


Buy Feeder Cattle: GFU16 – GFV16

long September 2016 Feeder Cattle and short October 2016 Feeder Cattle

It is already 4 days after optimized entry and I am expecting that entry signal might occur within couple of days.

Percentage of winning trades in 15 years history is 93%.

(click on image to enlarge in new window)watchlist commodity seasonal spread trade gfu16 gfv 16 feeder cattle

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