soybean meal trade seasonal futures commodity spreads zmv16 zmv17

Trade Result: Soybean Meal with Profit of 410 USD

Sell ZMV16 – ZMF17: short October 2016 Soybean Meal and long January 2017 Soybean Meal

August 29: sold 1 ct based on double top formation and breaking the s/r. Risk per trade 2.6 %. SL set on 5.9 and initial PT was -3.3, as usually set in accordance with support and resistance levels.

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crude oil trade seasonal futures commodity spreads clx16 clh17

Trade Summary: September Crude Oil

Buy CLX16 – CLH17: long November 2016 Crude Oil and short March 2017 Crude Oil

August 31: bought one contract – price bounced back from support (triple bottom) and 1-2-3 pattern occurred (better shown in TWS than Season Algo). PTs and SL defined based on the support and resistance levels. Risk per trade was 2%.Read More »

commodity futures spread watchlist september 2016 zmv16 zmf17 clx16 clh17 hev16 hez16 zlh16 zlh16

Commodity Spreads Watchlist: September 2016

Date of analysis: August 31, 2016
Another month was testing my patience. At the end of August I entered into Soybean Meal, Soybean Oil (see spread below) and Crude Oil (see below). Unfortunately, I missed Gas Oil and Feeder Cattle potential trades which would made nice profit.

List of seasonal futures spreads I consider to trade in September.