Commodity Spreads Watch List: New Year’s Eve 2017

Date of analysis: January 1, 2017.

List of seasonal futures spreads I consider to trade at the beginning of 2017.

Buy Live Cattle: LEQ17 – LEM17

long August 2017 Live Cattle and short June 2017 Live Cattle.

Optimized entry date was on December 27th, tomorrow I see how the markets behave after holidays –> possible entry into position. I have another spread in my watch list LEQ17-LEJ17, which is more dynamic.

Optimized exit date: February 2nd.

Buy Corn: ZCK17- ZCZ17

long May 2017 Corn and short December 2017 Corn.

Optimized entry-exit: January 4th – March 1st. This one is less favorite.

Buy Soybean Meal: ZMH17- ZMK17

long March 2017 Soybean Meal and short May 2017 Soybean Meal.

Optimized entry-exit: January 3rd – January 21st. This one is less favorite.


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