Trade Summary: Wheat Spread with Profit of 2%

Buy ZWH17 – ZWZ17: long March 2017 Wheat and short December 2017 Wheat.

January 26: bought 1 ct at price -59 based on the breaking the resistance and 1-2-3 pattern. The seasonality just started. Risk per trade 1,5 %. Initial SL = -65, PT = -51.

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Trade Summary: Live Cattle with Profit of 4%

Buy LEQ17 – LEM17: long August 2017 Live Cattle and short June 2017 Live Cattle.

First trade in 2017 and with new account size of 20 000 USD.

January 3: bought 2ct based after break of the S/R level at -3.925. Initial SL set at -4.925 and PT at -2.7 with 4% risk per trade.

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Trading Activity: January & February

Opened positions

LEQ17 – LEM17 (Live Cattle): entered with three contracts at the beginning of January. January 17th the first PT reached and two contracts were closed.

ZWH17 – ZWZ17 (Wheat): January 26th and February 3rd bought two contracts when price broke resistance and 1-2-3 pattern occured. January 17th closed one contract.

Watch list update

Yesterday I made re-analysis of February’s watch list. I am already trading Wheat and Live Cattle but it seems that in Soybean Meal seasonality started and 1-2-3 pattern is forming. Originally I considered ZMN17-ZMZ17 but ZMK17-ZMZ17 has better results in my re-analysis.