Trading Setups Update: May 2017

Date of analysis: May 20, 2017
In couple of days I will close the Sugar position, but below I provide updated watchlist for May.

Buy Live Cattle: LEG18 – LEV17

long February 2018 Live Cattle and short October 2017 Live Cattle.

I made re-optimization of entry/exit dates: May 16 – June 11. The 1-2-3 pattern is the signal I am waiting for. Also I am watching similar spread LEG17-LEZ17.

Buy Corn: ZCH18 – ZCU17

long March 2018 Corn and short September 2017 Corn.

Trading window: May 18 – July 15. According to historical seasonality the price supposed to go long. Possible entry after S/R level break  at price  20.80. Another Corn spread to trade is ZCZ17-ZCU17.

Buy Brent Crude Oil: BCV17- BCQ17

long October 2017 Brent Crude Oil and short August 2017 Brent Crude Oil.

10 day to optimized entry (May 30), but it is already time to look for the entry.

Please read the disclaimer.

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