Trade Summary: 2 Fake Signals Made Sugar Bitter

Buy SBH18-SBV17: long March 2018 Sugar and short October 2017 Sugar.

April 4: bought 3 contracts when 1-2-3 pattern occurred. This signal was fake, the price went back and created channel for several weeks.

May 22: price broke out the channel in south direction and I decided to close the trade before price hit the SL at 0.4 with loss of 571 USD. Well, the price return back to the channel, broke out in right direction and now I could have small profit.

I can imagine better money management of this trade:

  • wait after correction of 1-2-3 pattern and enter on double bottom
  • do not close the trade manually, just wait


(click on image to enlarge)live sugar commodity spread trade result sbh18 sbv17


Profit/Loss Side Cont. Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Comm.
-571.2$ Buy 3 2017-Apr-4 0.6 2017-May-22 0.43 34.32

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