Another Softs Trade: Robusta Coffee

Buy RCX17- RCU17: long November 2017 Robusta Coffee and short September 2017 Robusta Coffee.

Another trade from Softs after Sugar and also unsuccessful. This year there are not a lot of trading opportunities so I tried to trade Softs. Well, probably I will not continue with this idea.

July 31: bought 2 contracts when price broke the price channel at price -10. Break was significant and I entered at higher price. SL and PT set in accordance with support and resistance levels as always.

August 23: price hit my SL at -31 with loss of 420 USD. It was close to the FND and market was volatile.

(click on image to enlarge)robusta coffee futures trading spread rcx17 rcu17


Profit/Loss Side Cont. Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Comm.
– 420$ Buy 2 2017-Jul-31 -10 2017-Aug-23 -31 22.88

4 thoughts on “Another Softs Trade: Robusta Coffee

  1. Hi,
    This is very impresive website. I’ve been trading spreads since 2013.I’m trying to improve my money management. Are you still planning to post new trades for 2018?


  2. Hi Fred, thank you. I am planning to continue to post my trades, but with less detail (mostly Performance update). The reason is that currently I am quite busy with other trading projects.


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