Another Softs Trade: Robusta Coffee

Buy RCX17- RCU17: long November 2017 Robusta Coffee and short September 2017 Robusta Coffee.

Another trade from Softs after Sugar and also unsuccessful. This year there are not a lot of trading opportunities so I tried to trade Softs. Well, probably I will not continue with this idea.

July 31: bought 2 contracts when price broke the price channel at price -10. Break was significant and I entered at higher price. SL and PT set in accordance with support and resistance levels as always.

August 23: price hit my SL at -31 with loss of 420 USD. It was close to the FND and market was volatile.

(click on image to enlarge)robusta coffee futures trading spread rcx17 rcu17


Profit/Loss Side Cont. Entry Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Comm.
– 420$ Buy 2 2017-Jul-31 -10 2017-Aug-23 -31 22.88

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