Another Softs Trade: Robusta Coffee

Buy RCX17- RCU17: long November 2017 Robusta Coffee and short September 2017 Robusta Coffee.

Another trade from Softs after Sugar and also unsuccessful. This year there are not a lot of trading opportunities so I tried to trade Softs. Well, probably I will not continue with this idea.

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Trade Summary: 2 Fake Signals Made Sugar Bitter

Buy SBH18-SBV17: long March 2018 Sugar and short October 2017 Sugar.

April 4: bought 3 contracts when 1-2-3 pattern occurred. This signal was fake, the price went back and created channel for several weeks.Read More »

crude oil trade result seasonal futures commodity spreads clg17 clf17

November Trade Summary: Crude Oil with Small Profit

Buy CLG17 – CLF17: long February 2017 Crude Oil and short January 2017 Crude Oil.

October 24: bought 1 ct when price broke the resistance at 0.6. I could enter when price broke the resistance at 0.5, but there were no confirmation yet from additional indicators. Risk per trade 2.1 %. Initial SL set on 0.39 and initial PT was 1.2 (rrr = 1:3).

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crude oil trade seasonal futures commodity spreads clx16 clh17

Trade Summary: September Crude Oil

Buy CLX16 – CLH17: long November 2016 Crude Oil and short March 2017 Crude Oil

August 31: bought one contract – price bounced back from support (triple bottom) and 1-2-3 pattern occurred (better shown in TWS than Season Algo). PTs and SL defined based on the support and resistance levels. Risk per trade was 2%.Read More »

Wheat Seasonal Trade Result

Sell ZWN16 – ZWZ16: short July 2016 Wheat and long December 2016 Wheat

May 27: price hit the SL set on break-even.

May 20: price reached PT1 with potential profit of 350 USD but I decided to wait and just moved SL to break-even. I consider it as money management mistake, I should close position with 1 contract and continue with 1 contract.

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