Trade Summary: Wheat Spread with Profit of 2%

Buy ZWH17 – ZWZ17: long March 2017 Wheat and short December 2017 Wheat.

January 26: bought 1 ct at price -59 based on the breaking the resistance and 1-2-3 pattern. The seasonality just started. Risk per trade 1,5 %. Initial SL = -65, PT = -51.

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Trading Activity: January & February

Opened positions

LEQ17 – LEM17 (Live Cattle): entered with three contracts at the beginning of January. January 17th the first PT reached and two contracts were closed.

ZWH17 – ZWZ17 (Wheat): January 26th and February 3rd bought two contracts when price broke resistance and 1-2-3 pattern occured. January 17th closed one contract.

Watch list update

Yesterday I made re-analysis of February’s watch list. I am already trading Wheat and Live Cattle but it seems that in Soybean Meal seasonality started and 1-2-3 pattern is forming. Originally I considered ZMN17-ZMZ17 but ZMK17-ZMZ17 has better results in my re-analysis.

crude oil trade result seasonal futures commodity spreads clg17 clf17

November Trade Summary: Crude Oil with Small Profit

Buy CLG17 – CLF17: long February 2017 Crude Oil and short January 2017 Crude Oil.

October 24: bought 1 ct when price broke the resistance at 0.6. I could enter when price broke the resistance at 0.5, but there were no confirmation yet from additional indicators. Risk per trade 2.1 %. Initial SL set on 0.39 and initial PT was 1.2 (rrr = 1:3).

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How to Reduce Risk in Trading Futures [Video]

There are several ways how to reduce risk in trading futures. Very popular are options, but I would recommend to consider futures spreads, also known as commodity spreads. Spreads have many advantages and we do not need to have to pay for premium as it is in options.

Why to trade spreads

  • Suitable for beginners with small account.
  • Fundamentals do not have such an impact as to the outright futures.
  • Trading is simple and less time consuming. It takes only few hours every two – three weeks to prepare potential trades and then just couple of minutes daily to control the positions.
  • Traders can achieve high percentage of winning trades, 80% is not unusual.

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